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From Spoiler-junkie to happily surprised...

Scott Knaster's blog is running a nice little comment on Spoilers in the movies. Nothing revolutionary, but it's something I've arrived at as well in recent years.

For instance, I'm a Stargate fan, and I used to read the Stargate newsgroup and Gateworld.net. But recently, I've realized that a lot of the spoilers posted there were actually taking the fun out of the stories. There were no surprises, no twists in the story anymore.

So I left the newsgroup completely, and I simply stopped reading any messages that mentioned they contained Spoilers on Gateworld. I simply read the headline, and that usually gives me the info I want: Star X comes back to guest on the show, it's been renewed for another season, the ratings are good. Sadly, Gateworld doesn't provide any spoiler granularity, because I'd like to hear what aspects of the universe they plan to be looking at to have a vague idea of where it'll be headed.

But I'm surprised how much better the show's become since I stopped spoiling myself :-D

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