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Stupidity Barrier

Recently, a pal told me he was kinda surprised that I had removed my masthead graphic. Since I hadn't, I checked for the file being gone and stuff. We finally traced it down to the HTML, which on his end had been turned into:

<NetBarrier * Banner * NetBarrier * Banner>
Turns out he just had Intego's NetBarrier installed. And since the name of my masthead's image file had actually been "ZathrasBanner" NetBarrier's silly filter just kicked it out. Interestingly, no other banners were affected, because apparently most sites' banners don't have "banner" in their names, and that's all NetBarrier seems to check for...
Now, if this had been my app, I wouldn't just have replaced the image with such a stupid, empty tag. Rather, I would have turned it into a box the sizte of the image, and a link. It would have said "Banner removed by NetBarrier", and the link would have pointed to the original image in case the user wants to see it after all. Maybe even a link to turn off filtering for this particular image in the future.
Anyway, I've renamed it to "ZathrasMasthead", and everything's fine again. So, anyone who's running NetBarrier, welcome to my web site! Now in full Technicolor!
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