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A fun couple days...

OK, it's been rather quiet here recently, mainly because I've been nicely busy: We had a "Ski day" at work, where the whole company pretty much went Skiing on the Stubai glacier (well, I was with the group who lacked Ski and thus just hung out there in the sun and the snow, which was heaps of fun, too). I had Germknödel for the first time (a special kind of dumplings that are a typical ski food in Austria, but are supposedly mainly produced here in Germany ... go figure). Thin air apparently makes most people dizzy and short of breath, and me hungry... On the way back, Thomas Tempelmann introduced me to the movie Idiocracy. Looks fairly interesting, so I guess I'll have to go watch the whole thing.

I also got the first retail box of a piece of software I worked on. A real, printed, shrink-wrapped box like you see it on shop shelves, with a "Made in Ireland" stamp at the bottom and all that. So far, my stuff's been mostly up for download somewhere, or a licensed piece of code in another app, so this is a whole new experience. Yes, it's the app that we shipped version 8.0 of at Macworld, and it feels great.

Another nice thing that recently happened was that I went to a birthday weekend back home, and hung out with Martina and Matthias L. from TiG7, and a lot of their friends. The day after, I went to Regina's birthday, which was great fun, just as it always is. And of course there was Chilli. I regretted not having taken along left-overs when I went back home... it was good.

And then, just a few days ago, I met Nick Shanks in person for the first time. He's the guy who's behind ResKnife, and we went to eat in the Löwenbräu-Keller (which, sadly, isn't half as good anymore as it used to be). We'd voice/video-chatted a few times before (me voice, he video), and we've been exchanging e-mails, but this was the first time we had an opportunity to run around the city and talk and all that. He was in Munich applying for a job, and I hope he gets it. Would be nice if we could hang out some more.

Among "further ran", I introduced SuperCompiler at the SuperCard chat, which didn't quite go as well as I'd planned, because we ran into a slight bug in SuperCompiler, and I was pressed for time a bit.

Okay, that's it for now. Of course I've been having lots of fun and challenging tasks at work, which added to sleep and cooking and eating and laundry and grocery shopping and a BSc thesis manages to fill up a day pretty nicely. Though I still managed to get through the latest New Frontier novel by Peter David and I finally finished Orwell's "1984". One classic less on my list.

Then again, I found an unread Straczynski book while I was visiting home, plus I still have a Jeffery Deaver novel, Tog's and Jef Raskin's books on usability, Practical Subversion, Advanced Mac OS X Programming, Polidori's "The Vampyre, stuff on digs in Egypt (Carnarvon, Carter etc.), and a bit of C.S. Lewis in my bookshelf. So I don't think I'll have to order many books anytime soon. And the second part of Dune 7 will be out later in the year... no rest for the scifi buff, eh?

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