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What's a blogroll?

I actually don't know precisely what a blogroll is, but from what I understand it's a list of other blogs one reads. So, while I go through my blogroll in NetNewsWire Lite, I thought I'd give you links to interesting articles I've read recently.

After Christian recently converted to Mac, he's been happily advertising Firefox.

While Firefox is a nifty little browser, I think Scott is right about the common shortcomings of cross-platform applications, and Firefox in particular.

Oh, and while I'm mentioning Scott, he also discovered a project that brings GUIs to shell scripts, PHP etc. -- no excuse anymore for you scripters not to have a GUI! :-p

Also, Chuqi tells us that Apple's mailing lists finally suck less, though I still think the search form could use a little work (like extracting "from" headers and displaying them more prominently).

Well, that's it for today.

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