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The Heise Forum Decision - resolved!

A while ago, German technology magazine publisher Heise was sued for libellous content posted by a user to their web forums, even though they immediately removed the posting the message when they were notified about it. The court made an initial ruling that they were required to review all postings, equating forum postings with letters to the editor. Heise went into recourse (or appealed, or whatever it's called in English), and now they have finally received a judgement that renews my trust in the German legal system (German):

The new decision basically returns to due practice, i.e. they don't have to review every posting, but they're required to watch areas and topics where prior incidents have happened. I think it's a good judgement, and Heise seem to agree, even though they've been technically turned down. They're looking into the merits of going into recourse to get that last technicality changed.

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