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WWDC 2006 Keynote

Okay, keynote is over, here's what's new:

Mac Pro, Xeon 2x Dual Core, +XServe with similar config. Dashcode is now official, as is "Spaces", the new virtual desktop switcher (drag windows between desktops, switch by clicking app icon...).

New CoreAnimation framework for better eye-candy, already used in new backup/version control app called "Time Machine". Photo Booth effects in iChat, and unified look in iChat. Also, iChat can show split view of Keynote/iPhoto/QuickTime etc. presentations next to talking head now.

There's a new Safari button to turn a section of any website into a dashboard widget. And lots more.

A system-built-in to do list "server" that can be used by all apps, and stationery (i.e. HTML themes) in Mail.

And Xcode 3.

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Christian Machmeier writes:
Did you see the Keynote live? What do you think about the new features? What do you believe are the "unreveiled" features of Leopard?
Jussi writes:
Could you clarify (if NDA permits) who are getting Dashcode and Xcode 3 and when? Are they Leopard only or are they coming to Tiger too?
Uli Kusterer replies:
Christian: I think they're great. Remember, this is WWDC, so the focus was on developer-level features, which aren't as sexy as any end-user stuff they may be planning without telling us devs yet. Time Machine looks a little flashy, but I guess they'll polish that a little more before they go final. As to unrevealed features... I sure hope a new Finder will be in there. But really, I haven't got a clue. Jussi: I don't think they told us either way, but my guess would be that the stuff is Leopard-only but you can create products for earlier OSs. At least that's how they did it for previous versions of the dev tools.
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