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Christian: I think they're great. Remember, this is WWDC, so the focus was on developer-level features, which aren't as sexy as any end-user stuff they may be planning without telling us devs yet. Time Machine looks a little flashy, but I guess they'll polish that a little more before they go final. As to unrevealed features... I sure hope a new Finder will be in there. But really, I haven't got a clue.

Jussi: I don't think they told us either way, but my guess would be that the stuff is Leopard-only but you can create products for earlier OSs. At least that's how they did it for previous versions of the dev tools.
Comment 2 by Jussi Could you clarify (if NDA permits) who are getting Dashcode and Xcode 3 and when? Are they Leopard only or are they coming to Tiger too?
Comment 1 by Christian Machmeier Christian Machmeier writes:
Did you see the Keynote live? What do you think about the new features? What do you believe are the "unreveiled" features of Leopard?