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WWDC 2007 - The Day Before

'twas the eve before Steve-Mas ... errrm ... or something like that... Anyway, I'm sitting here in the Moscone West Lobby with my new WWDC 2007 laptop bag (it's a nice one, better than last year's), my badge and the schedule, waiting for a friend to show up so we can go off to grab some grub.

I'm not as excited as last year, obviously, as they've already announced the changed MacBook Pros and it's now my second time, so I have a better idea what to expect. Still, this is probably going to be fun.

Also, Wolf already managed to zip by me again ... he was already registered and out of the Moscone by the time I'd closed and stashed away my laptop...

A little while ago, Adam and Stefan and me went to "The View", a restaurant at the top of one of the hotel skyscrapers. Great view, and definitely the main reason why people come there, the waiter seemed kind of confused... Took our order, then returned to tell us he didn't have what we'd ordered, and forgot stuff. But well, we did come for the view.

Leave a comment if you wanna meet up, or you're here...

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
andy writes:
The Gin-Tonics are better at the "W" hotel anyway ;-)
Ruth Less writes:
> Leave a comment if ( you wanna meet up ) or ( you're here ) I wanna meet but I am not there, so I leave a comment. :-] I heard in the meantime that Safari was lovelessly ported to Windows? Poor Safari. It might beat IE in terms of viruses, but Firefox is still stronger with its plugins... (although I deactivated them all because they seem to slow Firefox down.)
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