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Web stores and Christmas Shopping

I recently bought several software licenses as a Christmas gift via an online store. I clicked the product and typed in "4" as the quantity. Then I ordered, and got... one license key.

It was a four-seat license, but while this may be the right thing throughout the year, near Christmas I would have preferred a warning. I thought it would just kick off four license e-mails. So, what I have now is four copies licensed to my name.

I'm not complaining (otherwise I would have named the offender), but it might be handy to have a way to specify that I want this to be four purchases all billed to me in one go somehow, and it'd be nice if I could have specified three separate bits of data: A name to use for my license, the name to use for billing (e.g. account holder or credit card owner), and the shipping address. What it offered was one address field that was used for all three.

Well, I guess the recipients will never forget they got that gift from me...

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