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Odd Post-WWDC 2009 Links

After WWDC, I'm hopelessly behind on my RSS feeds, so I thought I'd just post a few quick links I've seen, been pointed at or otherwise considered interesting, without much comment. Well, with as close to "without much comment" as I'll ever get ;-)

  • Anne Hallsall has posted two nice pieces on doing UI design as if the user had no keyboard and Designing an iWork-style toolbar icon. The latter is a nice tutorial on how most good designers create icons these days, and doesn't just apply to toolbar icons or iWork style.
  • You have probably all heard about BWToolkit, but I recommend you look at it again. It's not just a collection of HUD controls (in and of itself very handy), but also includes various other neat controller and view classes, plus everything comes with an IBPlugin so you can use them just like Apple's controls.
  • I haven't had time to, y'know, actually look at it, but if you plan to talk to a web service (e.g. Twitter), Steven Degutis's CocoaREST sounds like a neat option.
  • elastic tabstops are TEH SHIAT!, be sure to file a Radar with Apple if you like them as much as I do.
  • The NSConference 2009 Session Videos are out. If you had the misfortune of missing the funnest European developer conference in Hatfield, UK this year, you can buy them now. Neat thing is: They offer a full "Save the Whales: Collect The Whole Set"-purchase, as well as three-packs and single session purchases. Whatever you want, you've got it.
  • I can mentally see that vein throbbing on Pilky's forehead: The Named Argument. Love the title, by the way.
  • There is a great app called Rita out there that lets you do vector drawings, but with tools like you'd have in a paint application. It supports pressure-sensitive tablets and has an infinite canvas. Now there's another contender for the throne: Scribbles. Neither of them really feels complete yet, but both are a class of application I'd like to see more of. IMHO, this is the future of both drawing and painting applications.

Okay, that's all for now.

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