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Macwelt must be pretty desperate...

[Cover of Macwelt issue 09.06]Geez, German Mac-newspaper Macwelt must be very desperate. I just got their newest issue, and as you can see on the cover at the left, their headline is Here come the new Professional Macs! and then in smaller type below that:

Apple gets going What the next-gen Mac will bring
Faster than the G5 The performance of the new CPUs
We already tested them The new High-end chips from Intel

Along with that, there's a really blurry picture of a G5 case with a picture of a "Core 2 Extreme" photoshopped into the front and, again a "We already tested it!" tag on the front.

So, in clear text, what they're saying is: We don't know anything about the Mac Pro yet (or whatever they'll call it), but our sister mag Tecchannel already tested the Core 2 Duo under Windows, and now we're gonna guess wildly which of Intel's CPUs Apple will use in the new High-End Mac (answer: Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme and the new Xeon 51x0 "Woodcrest" -- they can't seem to make up their mind).

Additional guesses include that they think Apple will very likely have "a Mac-Pro-configuration" with a Blu-Ray drive and eSata connectivity (but not fully replacing FireWire). Also, they guess 1GB/2GB of RAM, and SLI/Crossfire GPU coupling.

It's a great piece summing up all the options available to Apple, but I think Macwelt is really stooping low trying to sell it as a top-secret test of the new Mac Pro on the cover. Internet news sites must really be damaging Macwelt's sales if they have to use yellow press methods to make sales...

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Christian Machmeier writes:
Tz, incredible. Even worse than the "detailed" coverage about "Mac OS X 10.5 in Preview" in Mac-Life.
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