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The xTalk Interviews begin!

In recent weeks, I've been sending out a little questionnaire to anyone on the net I was able to track down that ever had something to do with a revolutionary program called HyperCard. HyperCard is hard to describe: At one point it was intended to be a part of QuickTime, at others it was the most intuitive programming language out there, then it was an authoring- and multimedia-system, it was a prototyping system, it was the inspiration for the WorldWide Web, and the basis for the game "Myst"...

Even Apple and Claris, who sold it, never seemed to know what it really was. However, one thing it certainly was: A revolutionary tool ahead of its time. Since many people these days never experienced HyperCard, I thought I'd make my small contribution to helping people discover some of the qualities that made HyperCard so great.

And since better people than I, and especially people who are actually authors, have failed at describing HyperCard, I thought I'd go for strength in numbers. The questionnaire is a sort of interview, and I asked people who were influenced by HyperCard, maybe even built a business on it. You will be able to find a new interview every couple of days in the reinstated Articles section.

And we'll start the whole thing off with Jacqueline Landman Gay, List Mommy of the HyperCard mailing list.

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