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NSConference 2009

Hi folks,

There's a conference for Macintosh developers being held in Europe, called NSConference (formerly MacDev 2009). It's a 2-day deal in April in Hatfield (about an hour outside London), plus an optional third day you can book to participate in one of three day-long workshops.

It's being held by Steve Scott ("Scotty" of Mac Developer Network fame), and Timothy Isted, another young British Mac-oldtimer, and guest speakers include many well-known names from the book of Mac Indie Developers.

The conference fee includes accommodation and food, and I'm told that the local public transport system is pretty decent, so it looks like a pretty stress-free way of getting to the UK for a few days, having fun geeking out and learning something.

I'm still trying to get all my ducks lined up in a row on the firing range, but this promises to be a fun and informational occasion. If I can go, I'll probably tack on a day or two to see London, so I can at least claim I've been to the UK once (and maybe grab some Dr. Who swag or whatever ;-) ).

Hope to see some of you there, say hello. I'll probably be wearing either Moose or Elgato garb, so my shiny balding head and that should make me easy to spot.

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