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Free upgrades or not ?

I just stumbled over an article on the downsides of free upgrades by Slava from Unsanity. Interesting to see a statement on this from one of the more well-known dev houses there. The reasons given there are what made me decide to explicitly state that my licenses are usually valid for any major release number. Which isn't saying much, obviously, because it's me who decides when the release number is increased how much, but OTOH I'm not claiming otherwise, and if I feel like it I can always extend peoples' licenses by another major revision or so, if I feel like it.

OTOH I'm not quite sure why Slava posted this article. If you have to be warned of how bad a business case this is, you have bigger problems that'll bite you in the posterior long before registration money runs out. OTOH, if you have a sane business case that ensures this works for you (like, apparently, Andrew Stone, who also comments), you'll obviously do it anyway. So, the paranoid conspiracy theorist in me wonders whether they're just trying to confuse the competition.

No, not really. I'm not that paranoid.

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