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Mewwy Cwistmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! (and to you non-Christians: you know I don't mean this in a disrespectful or "imperialistic" way, so feel free to share in my merriness)

I'm back home until New Year's, then it'll be back to Munich and what most people would call work. I'm saying it that way because I always wanted to be a programmer (and after a fashion always have been one). So, having attained my dream job, I still kinda feel like "the other people are working but I'm not", at least when we're not too close to the release date...

Christmas has been great, as usual. Ruth and I came back home and we four celebrated the holidays together. This year my gifts were mostly kinda geeky... The geekiest one being a full backup solution for everyone, i.e. each got a 250GB external hard disk and a SuperDuper license plus me setting it all up for them. Because of how annoying it is to manually have to do backups to CDs or another hard disk, this automatic solution will make sure backups aren't forgotten or postponed because of a little convenience.

I also met up with Angela again, and we spent hours at the Médoc nursing cocoa and cake and stuff and just talking, discussing, and reminiscing. That's always great fun, especially when we're fighting for who gets to speak next. So much to catch up to.

No big plans for New Year's yet, so there might not be a posting if I stay home and just relax a bit. Have a great time, everyone!

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