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We'll have to call it Tgr now...

According to German web site fscklog Apple have removed IE from Tiger's installation CDs. It won't remove old copies if you install over an old system, but it won't add one to a fresh install.

Great to hear that. MS after all stopped work on Mac-IE after IE 5, and Safari, IMHO, is the best and most current browser anyway. I rarely come across web sites these days that don't work with Safari anyway. And to web designers this move means that the day that we can stop testing against IE5/Mac just came into sight.

Moreover, there's still the Mozilla bunch of browsers (in particular Camino), and with the Safari changes getting rolled back into Konqueror and OmniWeb, there's a slightly bigger (and even cross-platform) userbase to which to deploy. So it's not as if we were suddenly stuck in a monoculture, or with a Mac-only browser engine against which no Windows-focused web designer could test.

Not to mention that one of Apple's priorities seems to be compatibility with some of IE's particularly unique interpretations of the W3C designs. For quite a while, IE5 has been displaying pages less like IE6 than Safari.

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