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Paying my dues to blogdom...

Today a co-student at http://www.redsplash.de (we're learning together for the Internet Technology exam in roughly a week) mentioned that I didn't update my blog enough. So, I thought I'd give him a little something to read.

I just returned from watching the play "Freunde zum Essen" (Friends for Dinner) at http://www.zimmertheaterhd.de - not the best play I ever watched, but definitely good entertainment. It's about two couples who've known each other for their whole lives. Suddenly, one couple's marriage breaks apart, and the play showcases the repercussions of this on the entire situation.

The actors are a prime example of successful type-casting, and as always, Zimmertheater makes incredibly economic use of their small stage, where two walls are flipped, and suddenly you have an entirely different set.

On the downside, the play is inoffensive - which is usually good, but in this case means the director chose to do this like a movie, which is something I personally don't like in theatre - and one actress who had to cry at the beginning didn't quite succeed in bringing it across. Also, the video sequences used for showing flashbacks, while a good idea, are too well-recorded to be amateur holiday videos (which would have fit the story), while still having some awkward zooms and jerks of the camera that are very distracting.

But all in all, it was a good evening's entertainment, and made me aware that I really would have perished if I hadn't registered in drama class again (http://www.atg-mannheim.de).

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