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Elgato at Macworld

If you want to know why I think Elgato is such a great company, I guess one reason is because it doesn't just feel like a family, it actually is one. For example, this Macworld 2008 demo of EyeTV 3 on TUAW is actually being hosted by Julian Fest, the son of Elgato's founder (who was of course also at Macworld this year, just in case you're curious).

At MacExpo in Paris, you can regularly get EyeTV demoed by my French office-mate and fellow developer Alexandre, and on other occasions those developers that like walking the show floor (I usually get stage fright, so you probably won't see me) are at the booths to make sure you can get the inside scoop when it's needed.

It's kinda weird, though, to see one's colleagues presenting the software you've been working on for the past year and more, though. So far, Macworld demos always were big companies showing stuff I'd never be able to work on. This just makes it so weirdly real ...

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Alexandre writes:
Wahoo! I'm now famous!
Dan writes:
Me too more!
Ross Carter writes:
I've been meaning to write a blog article about how nice EyeTV 3 is. There's a world of difference from EyeTV 2. I especially like the Applescript that fires when a recording ends; now I can put my Mac to sleep after it records MythBusters at 1:00 a.m.
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