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TimeSaver 1.0.2 and AngelRecorder 1.0 released!

I just uploaded two small freebies to the Mac Applications section:

TimeSaver: A small screen saver that shows the current time floating around your desktop. This is nothing exceptional, but Apple don't provide a screen saver with a clock (only the Mac name -- what's up with that?), and I want my devices who have displays to do something useful while I'm not using them.

AngelRecorder: TimeSaver includes code to take a screenshot, which is used to fake the time floating over your screen. While I already had that code, I wrote a very poor man's screen recorder that leverages the same code. It's not too fast and not configurable, has a hard-coded keyboard shortcut to start and stop, and isn't cool in any other way. It simply records screenshots at periodic intervals into a movie file. So, if you need to show someone a visual glitch for a bug report and don't want to shell out lots of money, this is the tool. Otherwise, get Snapz or one of the other screencasting solutions.

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