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Beauty in black, bluetones and orange...

Sitting here, and the only light in my room is the computer screen and what's falling in of the dusk through one window. And outside, everything is an ashen blue, the cloudy skies.

In front of it, a flurry of black lines, thick ones and thin ones, thinner ones, branching off, crisscrossing like veins. The leafless trees whose wiry outline is the only thing to be seen in the pale light.

And in front of it, a few specks of orange. Light-brownish orange blotches. Leaves of the tree in our front yard.

There I thought I'd gotten the hang of that line-art thing by now, and nature, in an innocent everyday throw-away display reminds me that I'm still only trying to imitate it.

But that's okay. Life would be boring without something to strive for.

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