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TeVee Stuph (two)

A while ago, I talked about a few goings-on in TV land here in Germany. Now that I've seen some previews for the new year, I can answer some of the questions I had then:

First, I saw Firefly. God, that's a good show. It's as human and as daring as Babylon 5, but with a Wild-West in Space theme instead of B5's Ambassadors in epic struggle. It has all the likeable parts of Joss Whedon's previous work without the annoying teenie-talk that turned me off Buffy in the pilot episode (just to make me realise what I'd missed when the Musical episode hit the airwaves). Also, Whedon doesn't hammer home the exposition as much as JMS does. Too bad it was axed after half a season.

I wanted to finish this by watching the "Serenity" TV movie, but sadly it was out of German movie theatres after two weeks. Not really surprising, considering the show itself never aired in Germany, and it was billed with the subtitle "Flucht in neue Welten" (fleeing into new worlds) ... come on! When I finally got to see it, I found the movie to be very dark, and I think Whedon wasted Shepherd Book's plot-line, but at least it provides some sort of closure to the rest of the show, while leaving enough open for a future movie ... well, I can dream, can I?

On a happier note, I've seen TV ads for both the new Galactica and The 4400. Can't wait to finally see those regularly on TV. I saw the pilots of both and they're very promising. And as you all know, Threshold's already been cancelled, so not much likelihood of that actually being on in Germany (except at 4 in the morning without being advertised in any TV journals...).

Well, that's it for now.

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