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Just chillin'

After spending my day off Uni yesterday baking two Swiss carrot cakes and watching that weird "The Jesus Video" TV movie, today proved to be less comfy. Yes, it was maths time again. Advanced Calculus. Ugh.

When I arrived home afterwards, just in time to have missed the "Santa Claus lecture" at Heidelberg Uni (one Prof always holds a lecture on the day of his namesake, and seizes the opportunity to beat at everything that dared rear its head during the past year), I was in for a treat: My iBook is back! Yaaay! Three days turnaround is cool. OK, they installed OS 9.2 on the replacement hard disk, which may be a speed improvement over 10.2 in some regards, but really isn't that much better...

While I was reinstalling software, I decided to set up iChat ("uliwitness") to display different icons (from Hide, at http://www.pixture.com) depending on whether I'm at my desktop Mac at home or using the iBook. And the cool part is that iChat takes along my contact list, but not the iChat icon :-)

Oh, and ... *knocking on wood* ... so far, my iBook hasn't crashed a single time, even though It still runs 10.2 :-) I guess it really pays to run the Disk Utility on your hard disk... (I'm still under warranty, so I wasn't the one paying)

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