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A Podcast on Podcasting...

While I won't podcast myself, that doesn't mean I don't find the technology interesting. It's a fun thing to play with, and after all I did tape my own radio programs and radio dramas when I was a kid. So, I was happy to see that Apple has released a few Learn to Podcast podcasts for users of the '06 editions of iWeb, GarageBand and iMovie.

This being Apple, I expected them to be pretty useful even if you don't own Apple's tools, even if I didn't expect them to mention Audacity or other products competing for podcasters' attention. While I generally was right, I'm a little surprised at how cheesy they are. The speakers' voices sound horribly over the top, and the sample podcasts use way too many words like "excellent" and "awesome" and things like that.

Still, the chapter on planning a podcast is quite a good listen, IMHO. If you want to laugh a little, listen to the one on recording your first episode; I don't know what went wrong there, but she constantly says "click here" (sometimes even repeatedly) and half the time there is no indicator where "here" is supposed to be. This could be the next Ellen Feiss... :-D

So, what do you others think? Any other podcasting tutorials that contain good or funny content? Any silly experiences you have to share?

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