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This feels distinctly... odd.

Kind of a slow day today. I woke up around 5 AM after ten hours of sleep and had a chat with an online-pal of mine which turned out to be a very personal experience. He shared some of his secrets with me, and although I meant to do similarly, he had the more interesting and mentally challenging story.

After that, I decided I had to have breakfast. I took those brand-spanking-new cinnamon flakes I recently got at the supermarket, and mixed them with the Cornflakes we accidentally bought instead of frosted flakes. It gave a pretty neat mixture (in milk, of course) to eat while admiring the snow-covered garden through the window.

Before I lose all the folks that come to this page for the programming, yeah, I've been doing that as well, and it's been coming along nicely. Encouraged by a comment from a friend, I started working on a sort of Mini-Content-Management-System for the next version of this web site. Kind of inspired by ideas I got from setting up and adapting phpWiki recently.

So, for some odd reason I wrote a fully themeable, multi-user mini-CMS. It works with files instead of a database, but that's actually a design decision. It's just easier to back up or to migrate to a new system without losing half of the data in the process. Now I just have to find out what lone me is going to do with multiple user accounts ... oh the boundless possibilities...

Of course, just after I had finished support for a simple mark-up language, Aforementioned friend pointed me at something that made it completely useless: HTMLArea. HTMLArea takes a text-area and - at least on IE for Windows and newer Mozillas - turns it into a fully-featured WYSIWYG HTML edit field. Styled text, tables, alignment, the works.
Anybody want to rip my mark-up language to shreds for me ... ?

Apart from that, my Secret Pet Project No. 1 is slowly gaining momentum. It's still in its infancy, and will probably not be finished for another year at least, but it is now in a state where I can show it to others and they won't immediately go: "So, what's it good for?" but rather, they'll go: "Oh, I've seen something like this before." And they're right. It's nothing really new, but it is something that hasn't been done this way before. So, keep your antennas crossed and wish me luck. It's a project I could keep working on for a few decades without getting bored. Not to mention it's actually of use to me as a user as well :-)

Okay, enough of my ramblings. Back to learning my lines, and learning maths.

PS - I'm going to go to Canada this summer, and I'll also come to Dearborn, MI for a few days to attend ADHOC. How cool is that!

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