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Masters of the Void C Tutorial finished!

For anyone who wants to learn C, I thought I'd mention that I just uploaded the last two parts of my "Masters of the Void" C tutorial.

It's in 11 chapters (well, 12 if you count the error messages), and I tried to make it as practical as possible while still covering all the concepts and theory that is needed. This is aimed at complete beginners, no prior programming experience needed (however, you should be comfortable using your particular operating system).

While it is mainly aimed at Macintosh users, most of it is also suitable for most other operating systems for which the GCC compiler is available.

I'd love to hear from any of you how you found this tutorial. I'm always open for suggestions for improving it. In particular, if you find you can't follow the tutorial, or it's getting too boring, or something isn't clear from my descriptions, I'd appreciate any comments or questions. If I know that ten people don't get past chapter 6, I may be able to revisit and rework the tutorial by adding additional information or clarifying what's there.

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