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Nice coding ambiguity

Rick Schaut, a developer at the MacBU, just posted a nice bit of C++ code showing how different compilers interpret the same code.

Update: Rick just posted an explanation of the ambiguity and goes into nice detail on why this is even more insidious (and common) in real-life code where it's not an easily-readable coding example.

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Aaron Ballman writes:
That is a nasty one -- I can imagine that being a bugger to track down.
Ruth Less writes:
I saw these two guys, Bloch and Gafter, at JavaOne, and being a good geek, I bought their book afterwards (autographed! Dude), Java Puzzlers. Lots of weird-@$$ corner cases where you run into hidden Java problems similar to this one. (They are useless as quizzes, since none of the readers gets the answers right anyway, but still full of good discussion topics.)
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