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MacHack is Over. I mean, really.

A few days ago, Andrew Pontious, whom I met at ADHOC last year, pointed me at a comment on a Slashdot thread, where it said that ADHOC, the Conference formerly known as MacHack, had been discontinued due to low attendance. I didn't really believe it, as Slashdot commenters aren't really known for their well-researched news bits.

But today, it scrolled up in the news. I can't tell you how this sucks. Since I first heard about MacHack, I wanted to attend, and last year a dream came true. On my way to my cousin's wedding in Canada, I stopped in Dearborn, MI, and met a lot of people I'd so far only known from the web. Adam Engst of TidBITS fame, Johnathan "Wolf" Rentzsch, Andrew Pontious, and most notably Ron "MWRon" Liechty, without whom I wouldn't be here programming. I also met a lot of new people, and had loads of fun.

I couldn't make it this year, but I'd hoped I'd be able to return sometime in the future. Alas, it won't be. This is a sad, sad moment in Macintosh history.

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