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TrackStorer - Sync up your MP3 player more easily!

Quite a while ago, I got myself an MP3 player. I didn't have much money but wanted at least 1GB of capacity. So, instead of the bigger iPod Shuffle, I got myself an iBeat. It's a little slow and can't recharge via USB, but it works. The trouble is: iTunes only supports syncing up with iPods.

I did a search on the web and VersionTracker, but didn't find anything that fit the bill. There is one app to sync with the PSP, and SyncMP3, which is Shareware and only syncs up by artists or albums (not playlists).

So, I decided to write my own. I call it TrackStorer, and it now has the minimum functionality: It lists all iTunes playlists, can remove MP3s from the player and copy new ones over, strips those pesky resource fork files and filters out dangerous characters from the names, gives them sensible names so you can see them on the display, and it shows you a guesstimate of your disk space usage on the player.

It is far from a finished product, and I'll work on refining it (it doesn't have an error log yet, and thus dumps all errors to the console for now, and the playlists aren't sorted yet), but I thought I'd throw a 0.1 version out there in case anyone is in need of one. If you use it, please take the time to contact me via the "Send Feedback..." menu item or E-Mail and get me the stats for your player (capacity, supported music types, product designation) so I can add an entry for it in the "Type:" popup.

As always, suggestions and constructive criticism are appreciated. And of course, bug reports as well.

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Nik writes:
I have an opal mp3 player and i have limewire..but i dont know how to get song son to it..itunes does not work for me on my windows 98..ineed help..i need a program or something that lets me put my music on to my own mp3 player
Uli Kusterer replies:
I don't know either. I have a Mac.
Rachel writes:
If you have windows media player you can move your limewire files over to media player and sync your mp3 player there. hope this helps.
Sam writes:
I have downloaded itunes and music, but I can not sync my tunes to my Samsung Media Player and onto my Samsung MP3 player. What do I do?
Or E-Mail Uli privately.

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