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Du bist Deutschland!

How the US see the German "You are Germany" positive image campaign:

Stephen Colbert vs. "Du bist Deutschland"

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Ruth Less writes:
Germany has an image campaign? Boy it's about time. I fear people still feel reminded of nazi campaigns, however positive the content of the new one is... When I google for "Du bist Deutschland", I find nothing but critisism and parodies. Also they claim the campaign's webpage has low accessibility and "absolutely" needs flash to convey its message -- but I couldn't test that because the page doesn't show anything (at least not on Linux Firefox and Mozilla)... Some sort of image campaign. :( Can you imagine *any* image campaign that Germans would like and readily accept? Right now everybody is happy complaining about how bad everything is. Just don't change a thing, it could become better... *gasp*
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