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ASP and VBScript

One of the fun things about programming is that, once you have done some fundamental things once and you understand them, it's easy to apply the same to other languages. So, when you're in a bind, a programmer with a relatively small amount of experience can even learn a new programming language on the go. Of course, you shouldn't have someone like that as your lead programmer, because there are still enough differences between various frameworks that he will screw up royally.

Still, it's kinda fun for a programmer to occasionally just look at a program in a language they've never seen before and happily start programming. I used to do GW-BASIC when I started out with computers, and I've been doing PHP for quite a while, and I've also been doing object-oriented programming in C++ and Objective C for years, so looking at ASP code in VBScript a few days ago at work was quite fun. I knew the structure, I knew some identifiers, I knew the patterns. All I had to do was put it all together and start coding.

I admit the step from GW-BASIC to VBScript isn't really that big (at least if you're familiar with procedural programming through another language), so you could argue that I already knew the language, but hey, sometimes one needs easy successes to raise the mood ;-)

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