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Shiny new office...

Today my colleague Alexandre and I moved into our new room. You see, while the brewery next door was happily tearing down buildings around our office, making the whole house shake like a houseboat on the Seine, workers were busily working on preparing the office next to ours for our office expansion.

So, this morning, hot on the heels of the workers who checked the Cat6 wiring in the ground, we began moving our stuff to the new digs. Luckily, Alexandre and me still share an office, and it's bigger, and brighter, and we have fancy new chairs, and more tables, and just generally it's a niftier place. And of course we've learned from our previous attempts at hiding the cables and wires and the whole thing looks a lot tidier now.

TV reception isn't quite as good as in the old digs, but that's actually a good thing, because not everybody has good reception, so I just have to move the antenna to test how things work for them, instead of resorting to tricks like unplugging it...

We were up and running pretty quickly, and got a lot of stuff done, despite sunny weather beckoning us outside even after a trip to the Biergarten for lunch. Fun. Fun. Fun.


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