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Mommy, where do doodads come from?

I had decided to link to this nifty article on where you can find custom controls before I read this quote:

(...) Uliís freakiní plethora of awesome doodads (...)

Of course, he also has really great programmers like Andy Matuschak, Andreas Mayer, Chad Weider and (it goes without saying) Rainer Brockerhoff on his list as well. I'm gonna have to buy myself a pin first thing Monday morning to deflate my ego again.

And then I'm gonna have to schedule some time sometime next year to debug UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument and UKProgressPanel, and this time for good...

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Peter Hosey writes:
That's Andreas Mayer, not Andreas Monitzer (source is http://www.furrysoft.de/?page=contact&furrysoft=08cd85548e2d537ff92cc2a713461341, which domain is linked to from his front page at http://harmless.de/ ). Monitzer was one of our (Adium's) GSoC students, so I had the same thought at first. :) I went looking so that I could add his stuff to the to-do list for my own list of open-source links: http://boredzo.org/opensourcelinks . There's a hugemongous update coming, once I've got a web app in place.
Uli Kusterer replies:
Peter, thank you for that correction. Figures I'd get confused with three people named Andy M. ... all of them Mac programmers, all of them well-known ... Well, I hope Andy M. isn't disappointed that I'm replacing his name here with another Andy M. Let's hope the third Andy M. doesn't change his name and necessitate another correction ;-)
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