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Peter, thank you for that correction. Figures I'd get confused with three people named Andy M. ... all of them Mac programmers, all of them well-known ... Well, I hope Andy M. isn't disappointed that I'm replacing his name here with another Andy M. Let's hope the third Andy M. doesn't change his name and necessitate another correction ;-)
Comment 1 by Peter Hosey Peter Hosey writes:
That's Andreas Mayer, not Andreas Monitzer (source is, which domain is linked to from his front page at ). Monitzer was one of our (Adium's) GSoC students, so I had the same thought at first. :)

I went looking so that I could add his stuff to the to-do list for my own list of open-source links: . There's a hugemongous update coming, once I've got a web app in place.