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Jack Colvin and Joe Harnell are Dead!

Today Happy Gilmore was on TV. I didn't really watch the entire movie (I'm not a fan of Adam Sandler's movies....), but I noticed a familiar face in one scene: Richard Kiel, known to most as Jaws in a Roger Moore James Bond movie. Richard also had a part in the second of the Cannonball Highway-race movies. However, one less-known fact about him is that he also originally had the part of the Hulk in the 70ies Incredible Hulk TV series (and you can actually see him in one scene in the pilot movie where the Hulk tumbles a tree to save a child).

While researching this, I came across a great site on the Hulk TV show, and was distressed to read that Jack Colvin died on the 5th of December at age 71. Jack Colvin, for those who don't know, is the actor who played Jack McGee, the reporter who keeps following David Banner (or rather, the Hulk) around.

In addition to that, I also had to read about the death of Joe Harnell. Joe did the score for the Hulk, and particularly the incredibly touching Hulk end theme -- a beautifully simple piano piece. It's one of my favourite tunes (and definitely my favourite piano piece), and I'm saddened to hear that the man who brought such a beautiful piece of music to my life is no more.

On a happier note, Kenneth Johnson, producer of the Hulk TV Series as well as of The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman and of the V for Victory miniseries (commonly known as "V", but you can't google for that), is working on a sequel to the latter. It's currently hit a slight bump in the road, but not all is lost. We'll know with more certainty by January...

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Margaret Schultz writes:
I loved Jack Colvin as Jack McGee. In fact, I only watched the show for him. It is distressing that he's dead of a stroke. At 71. I liked him so much that a kid I babysat did a report in school on Jack Culvin/McGee and how much his babysitter adored him.
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