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Bynk: A "nice" Internet - never!

Bynk wrote a short note on some peoples' complaints on manners on the net. The most thought-inspiring three paragraphs I read in quite a while. Now I'm off to read the rest of his post :-9

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Seapegasus writes:
I like the comments the most. Two guys whining about whining? Ohhh. :-) I also prefer arguing about issues, without any personal attacts intended if I disagree with someone. But in real life it's always the same discussion: "I am free to speak, if you feel personally insulted, it's your problem!" -- "You insulted me, and I am free to make you aware that you overstepped your borders!" There is no end to that. *shrug* PS: And remember: If you didn't read the rest of his post it just means _he_ doesn't write his rants user-friendly enough. ;-P
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