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Christmas Spammery 06

As most of you will have noticed, this year, heading up to Christmas, spam has increased again. Even worse, spammers are now also targeting web forms, which means I've had to add some simple automatic filtering to my comment forms just to alleviate the load some. They seem to be sending bots across my whole site, so I get a whole site's worth of spam in my moderation queue in a day...

It's just a word filter, but since no messages get through anyway I'd wish they'd just stop already. If this keeps up, I may just have to hook things up in a way that I can just have my e-mail spam filter sort out the junk from my moderation queue.

I'm really annoyed right now with the idiots who keep buying some Quare Bungle Rye based on ads in spam e-mails and thus make it worthwhile for the spammers to make us all miserable.

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Ruth writes:
Rename the files and arguments of the mailer script! Make sure you don't use the words mail, address, message, send, etc anywhere in the form fields, and maybe even paraphrase them in the HTML part, too. For the user it wouldn't make any difference, but to the script spiders it would. I'm in the same domain as you, and I don't get any content spam anymore since I did that....
Uli Kusterer replies:
Actually, my form field names have been Latin for ages... but you're right, maybe I should change them once again.
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