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Clockwork Racing Edition - Completed!

Last week I finally got my Mac a new graphics card (an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro), completing my Clockwork Racing Edition upgrade. This means that just as I finally have Tiger installed (not many problems, just didn't get around to it before), I also got the needed hardware to see those cool effects. Not to mention a noticeable speed-up in display performance, and my sister hogging my Mac to get through Myst IV before she heads to Prague. And I got myself the needed ADC/VGA and DVI/VGA adaptors to run two screens on the machine. The second one is an age-old one from a 386 PC, but works quite fine to keep iTunes and the debugger window on.

Picture of graphics card
The circle marks the screw to remove, the small arrow points at the plastic piece that holds the GPU in place (hidden behind RAM). The large arrow is the direction to pull out the card.

Inserting the graphics card required unscrewing the old Rage 128 (one screw on a small latch that is at a 90 degree angle to the card and holds it to the slot) and sliding it out sidewards (when seen how it would be closed. When the Mac is open, sideways actually means up). To do the latter, I had to pull a little green plastic piece away from the card so it didn't hold on to a little hook in the board. It actually took me a moment to realize that, because the hook had a light ocker color, while the rest of the board was green, and thus looked like it belonged to something else.

Once that was out, all that's left was pushing in the new card, screwing it back on and plugging everything (back) in. Since this was a modified card from a G5, the ADC power connector didn't line up (they had said that up front), so you just have to ignore that little nub that sticks out of the card and goes nowhere.

The only downside of the whole matter is that I got taxed on importing that Graphics card by customs, which means it cost 30 bucks more than planned :-(

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