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How my Dock looks

In the weblogs of some people on the web, there is sort of an "initiative" to show people how we arrange and use our docks.

So, I thought I'd join in. A screenshot of my dock is at http://www.zathras.de/blog/uli_dock.jpg

I keep my dock at the left of the screen, as that's where it neither messes with my hard disk icons, nor do windows' grow boxes end up underneath it. My icons don't bounce, magnification is off, and i like the icons at about 64 pixels high. On my iBook I've also set the dock to auto-hide.

My apps are:

1. EUDORA: I use that to check my various E-Mail accounts (I'm running sponsored mode). So far Apple Mail still hasn't convinced me, though it's getting better.

2. FIRE: That's my chat application. I'd use iChat, but then I would have to keep open an ICQ client as well, and this is more convenient.

3. SAFARI: Pretty much my default browser right now, if I'm not checking bus travel schedules or cinema programme, both of which only work with IE.

4. ITUNES: I have my complete CD collection in there, and my Mac's hooked up to my tapedeck's amplifier for better sound.

5. TERMINAL: I try to avoid it, but sometimes it's still necessary.

6. XTELEVISION: This is a free, open-source TV card program, and the only one that makes my TV card work on Mac OS X. I often watch TV while programming.

7. X11: I'm using Apple's X11 to run OpenOffice, which is the only halfway decent WYSIWYG HTML editor I've found so far. This site is all hand-written HTML, mind you. This is only in there because it was open at the time.

8. NETNEWSWIRE LITE: As you can see, I have quite a backlog of unread RSS newsfeed messages. This is only in there because NNN was open at the time.

9. MY APPLICATIONS FOLDER: With all other apps I use frequently, as well as aliases of the "Utilities" folder and the "Developer/Applications" folder. This contains all browsers (IE, Camino, iCab, OmniWeb), OpenOffice, MPlayer, Hydra (aka SubEthaEdit), HexEdit, iCal, GraphicConverter and Photoshop Elements.

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