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Why News aren't

Chuq nails it why the news are no longer interesting to today's youth in his posting.

Though there may be other aspects. One of my main hindrances is the format of newspapers. Most of the papers I like to read are too large to comfortably read on the train without annoying the person next to you. I still manage to get through my NZZ, but it involves a lot of folding. And the online version NZZ Global is still too close to the print version to be of use.

But yeah, the main reasons are probably that the news write about the same stuff over and over, while missing the important stuff. I've mentioned before what I think of their reporting of the Pope's health, but another aspect with the current situation is that they keep telling us all day that they know nothing. Instead of just providing us with short news flashes when something actually happens ... now, why again did I decide to rely on web and radio news instead of TV news again?

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