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Some people just can't admit they're in error...

I was recently reminded why the people I like most are those that are brutally honest: The admin of one of the server's we're doing a site on was tasked with creating some subdomains for us. They don't have confixx, so we sent him an Excel table with the subdomain names and the paths of the directories they're to point at.

Easy, you say? Well, I had to call him three times because first he'd created them as external redirects instead of as separate V-Hosts as we'd agreed. He claimed I must've tried the one domain he'd missed that had still had a redirect from before. Well, it wasn't one of the old domains, and I had tried several.

Well, most worked, some didn't, so I called again and he claimed everything was fine and we just hadn't created the directories. We had. Can't the guy just fess up and admit he did some typos? Typos happen, but claiming it was our DNS server that caused the subdomains not to show up (yeah, right...), and giving us the IP to theirs ... I just can't stand it.

Any similar experiences? Anybody know why that guy thinks anyone believes his nonsense?

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Mike Nickerson writes:
Because we have to put up with it? Well, that, and probably most people he talks to don't really understand what he's talking about...
Uli Kusterer replies:
Good point. I'm used to having my own server, and in that case I can just move to a new one if I feel they're not treating me right. But in this case it's effectively the customer's server and we're just implementing their wishes, which means we're not the ones with the power to move. But I'm definitely planning to let my boss know about this. Would be nice if all the work and verification we had to do because that guy can't set up a VHost properly showed up as a separate item on the bill... No, I don't think it'll happen, but I can still dream, right?
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