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Gil Amelio's Legacy???

Chuq just posted an interesting summary of how he sees Apple's history from, as he puts it Steve V1 to Steve V2. Interesting reading (Okay, Chuq's no analyst, and this is on his personal blog, which, he frequently points out, is not an Apple blog, but still, the guy worked/works at Sun and Apple, so he's bound to have better sources than a CS student overseas).

I was one of the teenagers that hoorayed at Spindler back then (I guess it was part national pride that a German was head of Apple, part rejoicing at all the cool computers and huge market share the clone idea promised), so I may not be the best person to cut through the chase and tell marketing hoo-hah from reality, but I never quite got why so many people badmouthed Amelio. Right from the start, he came in as the number-cruncher tasked to save Apple. He wasn't supposed to be a visionary.

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