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Seven Years of Giga

I just turned on the TV to catch the Seventh Anniversary show of Giga. Giga is a live TV show that could probably be equated to TechTV (I've never seen TechTV, but people talking about the shows sound pretty similar).

Giga is one of the shows that started out as an internet-related news show with likeable geeks at the microphones, and has in the past 7 years turned into pretty much Bravo TV for the internet generation with too sporty hosts. Well, without Dr. Sommer (think Dr. Ruth, if you're not German).

The anniversary show is fun in a masochistic way, as "look back"-style shows always are, and I'm enjoying it tremendously. Some nice ideas from the directors, though... they're showing all the old jingles and "bumpers" from past years. Great idea, and I'm surprised we never saw that before.

They also brought back the old crew. Though some of the first ones (and the ones I liked most) like Georg, Stefan and Jörg (Jochen?) don't seem to be there. Pity. Well, anyway My congratulations!

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