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WWDC 2006 predictions

I'm not a big rumor monger, but I just found that Avi Drissman blogged a prediction that OS X will go 64-bit at WWDC 2006. Sounds sensible enough to me.

What else do I think we'll have at WWDC? Well, the Mac Pro is pretty likely, with Intel just having made available 64-bit chips that would be suitable for Apple's needs. Apart from that, I'm totally clueless, but that's fine. I want to be happily surprised by all the new stuff at WWDC. Knowing beforehand would just spoil the fun.

Well, a friend told me there'd be something new in his area of work as well, but he didn't say more, and I don't want to get anyone in trouble.

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Mr Spoil writes:
According to the sample code which was removed from Apple's ADC website, we probably will have XCode 2.4 (you can also find hint of it in the WebKit source code) with a refactoring tool and a snapshot tool (which I don't have a clue about what this could be).
Ruth Less writes:
The only snapshots I know are used in profilers... As in "taking a snapshot of memory usage of objects while the application is running". Does Xcode have a profiler? Not that I know of (I still have ProjectBuilder, so don't ask me). And Xcode still doesn't have refactorings? Boy! Would be about time XCode got both! :-) If you start using refactorings, you never ever wanna live without them. What I' be looking forward to would be an iPod that connects to iTunes via GPRS or something like that to download music... Because I happen to be in a country where I can only reach the French iTunes (Why France, of all countries! LOL), and I can't use that, how can I get rid of all this French HipHop and replace it by the German iTunes for example?
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