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We're a tourist attraction ...?!

Odd thing happened yesterday. I look out the window, and I'm greeted by a flash. I look down on the driveway, blinking away bright green blotches, and there's two women (one with a horribly pink belt) who are photographing our house.

Apparently, these two English-speaking tourists just walked up our driveway (through a closed gate) to take a photograph of our quaint little house. Which is odd, for several reasons, not the least of which being that the house down the street is much prettier, much more quaint, and was renovated much more recently. Though the flowers my Mom put on the windows are definitely a nice sight.

Anyway, isn't it considered rude in other countries to just walk onto someone else's property and take a picture (and a gate surely is an indicator of private property, right)? Maybe I'm getting a tad too possessive here, but I just wouldn't do such a thing out of respect for the privacy of the inhabitants.

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Aaron Ballman writes:
Many Americans tend to only care about other people when it suits them. We're quite annoying like that. The funny thing is, I figured they were trying to sue you for something and needed documentation. It took me a few sentences to realize that you had a pretty house. :-P That's it, time to move to Canada.
Uli Kusterer replies:
Well, if it consoles you, I don't think it's a US-American trait. Not that I'm even sure they were American. For all I know they could'a been Australians or Canadians. And it's not as if it was a punishable offense, or they did anything to us. OTOH, I kinda wish I was the cliche Texan who shoots anyone who sets a foot into his front yard... ;-) As to Canada ... go there. I think it's a cool country. Loved every minute there, if you don't count US customs at Montreal airport.
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