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Well, if it consoles you, I don't think it's a US-American trait. Not that I'm even sure they were American. For all I know they could'a been Australians or Canadians. And it's not as if it was a punishable offense, or they did anything to us. OTOH, I kinda wish I was the cliche Texan who shoots anyone who sets a foot into his front yard... ;-)

As to Canada ... go there. I think it's a cool country. Loved every minute there, if you don't count US customs at Montreal airport.
Comment 1 by Aaron Ballman Aaron Ballman writes:
Many Americans tend to only care about other people when it suits them. We're quite annoying like that.

The funny thing is, I figured they were trying to sue you for something and needed documentation. It took me a few sentences to realize that you had a pretty house. :-P

That's it, time to move to Canada.