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I've added Comments!

It's been long in the making, but I finally managed to add support for comments to this web site! Commenting on an article has to be turned on by Yours Truly explicitly, and will automatically freeze the comments after two weeks. I'm planning to gradually open up some older articles for commenting in the next days. However, since I want to try out the commenting facility, I thought I'd let you, dear reader, suggest what articles should be opened for commenting.

So, get going, use the comment form below to let me know your suggestions!

Reader Comments: (RSS Feed)
Mike Zornek writes:
Comments rule! Now I can insult your writing in public, for all to see, instead of emailing you privately. Thanks a bunch!
Uli Kusterer replies:
I knew there was a downside to this ... ;-)
Aaron Ballman writes:
Great, now I don't have to email you privately anymore! Not that I usually have much interesting to say. :-P
Or E-Mail Uli privately.

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