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SG-Team Facts

Stargate Teams


    Other Stargate Team Facts

    No one gets assigned to an SG team without recommendation from an SG team CO. [1]/[5]

    SG teams are not permitted to bring offworlders with them through the gate to the SGC without priorconfirmation from SGC. [6-Metamorphosis]


    F.R.E.D Field Remote Expeditionary Device Motorized trolley for carrying equipment. [Movie] [1-Children of the Gods]
    May have secret compartment for storing nuclear explosive devices and may have the "first contact box" on it.

    M.A.L.P Motorized trolley with camera, robot arm and communications relay (includes mic and speakers).[Movie] [1-Children of the Gods] [1-Forever in a day]

    U.A.V. Flight-capable drone with camera. A variant "with UCAV specs" exists that carriesmissiles. [7-Death Knell]

    Cheyenne Mountain

    SL 16 - Security station (monitoring the Stargate room), detention cells, tunnel to surface
    SL 18 - Jonas' Lab in room L7
    SL 19 - Major Carter's Lab
    SL 21 - Infirmary
    SL 22 - Isolation Rooms, Kitchen, Commissary
    SL 24 - MALP Storage Room
    SL 25 - VIP Quarters
    SL 27 - Armory, Briefing Room and Hammond's office
    SL 28 - The Stargate Room

    GDO Special Codes

    1. The Tok'Ra
    2. Bra'tac (the Jaffa Resistance)

    Most of the information here has been extracted from Gateworldand the episode guide at The Richard Dean Anderson Web Site.

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