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Stargate Canon/Writing

Arduinna's Stargate SG-1 Handbook
A whole Stargate encyclopedia, searchable and well-categorized.
SG-1 Scripts
Transcripts of lots of Stargate episodes.
The latest Stargate news, episode Guides to all Stargate TV shows *and* the movie,and lots of analyses, FAQs and articles.
The Richard Dean Anderson Web Site
A web site with an episode guide, a very exhaustive Stargate Mission Database withlots of facts and some hard to find pictures of characters and places from those missions.oh, and lots of stuff about RDA, too...
Denise's Stargate Compendium
This is more of a Stargate dictionary. If you remember a name but not what or who itwas, you'll easily find it here.
SG-1 Mary Sue litmus Test
Find out whether your original Stargate character is a Mary Sue. This also makesfor a nice drinking game, BTW :-)
The Stargate fan fiction archive.

Stargate-Planet (QuickTime VR movies)
This site has QuickTime VR panoramas of the SGC. For those not fluent in German, you can find them in the "Videos" section. Scroll down to find "Missionsbesprechungsraum" (Briefing room), "Kommandoraum" (Control center), "Stargateraum" (Gateroom aka Embarkation room) and "Hammond's Quartier" (Hammond's office).


Ancient Egypt

Note: I'm not an Egyptologist. I've selected these pages for their storytelling potential,and some of them simply because they contained something about a particular Egyptian deity I was looking intofor a story. I have no clue how accurate they actually are.
Egyptian Gods (Sobek)
A list of many Egyptian gods by someone from the University of Boulder, Colorado.
Caroline Seawright's Page
A private page with some interesting Egyptology info.
Gods, Heroes, Myth - The gods of Egypt
A site with info on lots of different Egyptian deities. They also have info on otherdeities from other countries and their myths.
Tome of Egyptian Mythology
Some more info on this or that Egyptian deity.
Egyptian Myth and Legend
The entire book by Donald Mackenzie online. It's from 1907, but hey, it's free.
Gods of Ancient Egypt: Egyptian Mythology
A tourism page with lots of info on Egyptian mythology. The home page appears to havea couple more articles in the same vein.
Clanbook: Childer of Set: History and Mythos
A Vampire the Masquerade clan book. Peruse with caution, as it may have been adapted tothe storytelling universe of that role-playing game.
Binah Sisterhood Sweden
I have no idea whether that's a religion or anything, but they have some stories on Ra.
Djoser Complex
Step Pyramid of Djoser
Saqqara (Sakkara, Egypt, Dynasty 1,2,3)
A couple of pages with info on the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara. I think it's cool.
Lady Teshat
A report about computer tomography being performed on a mummy.

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