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The first zoomable interface for the Mac file system has just been released, check it out on:

(and it has UliKit inside!)
Comment 3 by Cris Pearson Cris Pearson writes:
I like the Raskin zoom stuff - have followed it for a few years.

The OLPC HIG is showing a partial zoom metaphor. I like their Neighbourhood, friends, home, activity distinction.
Comment 2 by Uli Kusterer Uli Kusterer writes:
I don't think that Apple's zoom functionality has much to do with Raskin's idea (though I'd love to be proven wrong). It looks like Apple's zoom is mainly aimed at accessibility and supporting bigger screens at a better resolution. Raskin essentially did away with the window manager and icon representations by using the objects themselves as the windows/icons and just having people zoom into those to "open" them. Try out the flash demo. It's 8 MB, but it shows some neat uses. E.g. you can zoom into photos they stuck on the maps etc.
Comment 1 by Duncan Campbell Duncan Campbell writes:
Seems like apple are starting to implement something similar - try holding down the Ctrl key and moving the scrollwheel on your mouse....