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Stan Lee was the guy with the garden hose watering his lawn at the very beginning of the movie when they visit Jean the first time.

And actually, that Scott may not be dead is something I like as well. There's probably a reason why they didn't show him heroically getting killed and instead just showed his visor and that's it. Though Jean's reaction kind of hinted at Scott being dead, but maybe he just rejected her, or there were two Jean's (Phoenix and the real one) one of which he went off with, and they're heading for bringing back the real one *and* the "dead" one when they do the Askani storyline or whatever... Though that would kinda cheapen Wolverine's fight to reach Jean... but they *could* make it work if they're careful.

The way how Xavier survived was in the initial scene where Moira first shows up. She shows us the guy on the sickbed and says he's a mutant with no brain function, and whether it'd be ethical to save someone else by transferring their mind into his body. Moira is the Scottish (Irish?) woman who hung out with Sean "Banshee" Cassidy on Muir Island. She's a human scientist who used to hang out with Eric and Charles way back when. She's another one of those nice bones they threw us continuity-obsessed fanboys :-)
Comment 1 by Ruth Less Ruth Less writes:
I like it too, even though I'm not actually a fan, but if there have to comic adaptations, then they should be just like this. :-) I'm not aware of all those parallel storylines, but leaving out some of the _really_ crazy stuff and names like "Marvel Girl" (*giggle*), significantly increases a movie's quality. ;-)

I missed some of the insider gags and didn't recognize Stan Lee, who was it? And I still don't like Halle Berry as Storm, for similar reasons than you. She looks more like "oh we need another cute sexy girly for the ratings, just give her a wig". And all of Magneto's mutants looked like goths, how very subtle... :-p

The sad thing is only, in comics books, I stop caring whether somebody dies or not -- they keep coming back like yo-yos. :-( I didn't even grasp that Scott died, because we didn't see anything (no body etc). For me, he's just on vacation at the lake... I totally did not understand the part how Xavier survived. The name Moira in the end rang a vague bell, but I don't think she was a mutant, was she his wife or colleague?